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Bennet 117- Who R U??????

Either way you're trash sorry

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  1. What do you do to stay in shape?

    do lots of squats and cry
    run around in a circle really fast and cry
    throw body at the ground in pursuit of balls, get up, repeat, all while crying
    run outdoors, perhaps on a field? while crying of course
  2. How neat are you?

    it depends on whether or not I'm working on an art project
    a tornado flew around the room before you came
  3. Early bird or night owl?

    I wake up at 7 am for my 10:20s
    I wake up at 8:30 for my 8:50s and scream
  4. What temperature do you like the room to be?

    if I could make the room hotter than the surface of the sun I would
    absolute zero if that was possible
  5. How are you doing with your meal plan?

    Out of meals, points, and middletown cash 3 weeks into the semester
    has never been to swings
    usdan thief
  6. How does your body react to cheese?

    no dairy pls no
    i put cheese on my cheese
  7. What is your academic area of interest?

    science betch
    art hoe
  8. Would you notice if your beanbag was missing from your room for a week?

    Obviously??? It's a dorm room a beanbag takes up a lot of space
    I am the reason it is missing
    Nope? We had a beanbag? Oh wait I sit in it all the time and just laid on the floor instead when it was gone

Bennet 117- Who R U??????

You got: Sophie
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You got: Sara
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