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CNCO Did An Interview About Their New Music Video And It's Everything


You probably already know that CNCO dropped a new music video for their track "Beso" and it's straight-up FIRE. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

The band sat down on set to talk about their experience making the video, which uses Sony's revolutionary 360 Reality Audio to make it sound like you're in the song!

And they even got to experience 360 Reality Audio for themselves while shooting the video.

So what's the 360 Reality Audio experience sound like? Here's Sony Music Audio Engineer Mike Piacentini to explain:

And the guys LOVED it.

Christopher loved the immersive experience of 360 Reality Audio:

Zabdiel thinks it brings fans closer to the artists they like:

But Erick may have summed it up best:

In short: Sony's 360 Reality Audio lets you hear CNCO like you've never heard them before!

Images via Sony

So put your headphones on, check out CNCO's "Beso" video, and experience Sony's 360 Reality Audio for yourself!

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