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14 Video Game Moves That Would Be Awesome IRL

Imagine a world where bad text messages could be unsent by tapping left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B. Experience your favorite moves — like crouching, spawning, stealth mode, and more — with all the best Sony PlayStation 4 games.

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12. Teleportation.

You got distracted online and are super late for a meeting miles away. Snap of the fingers, and you teleport in an instant. Scientists, get to work plz.

13. The tuck and roll.


Wouldn't it be totally awesome if it were socially acceptable just to tuck and roll everywhere instead of walking? We would look like a society of roly-poly people, and that is a society one could stand by.

You might not have these game moves in real life, but at least now you can bust your favorite moves on any PlayStation® 4 game on the new Xperia smartphone.

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