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14 Everyday Gadgets That Once Seemed Ridiculous

That's not a thing, we thought. But then IT WAS! Revel in these bold innovations and join SONY in creating the next surprise of our time.

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3. The Walkman — why would you walk around in public with things jammed in your ears? Does it even record?

Asim Bijarani / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 8624431@N08

Earphones, we've learned, are useful for avoiding creepy guys on the train.

4. Hair Dryer — sounds pretty vain.

Gaiger / Hulton Archive

Early versions required users to attach their brush to their vacuum cleaner. Now they're so simple they can be found on the walls of shady roadside motels.

5. Mouse — ha, next thing you know, we're just going to touch the screen.

Getty Images

Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1963. One of the first designs was wooden, and another was knee-operated. Not surprisingly, the version we know today was the clear winner.

10. Can Opener — ummm, I think we have this figured out already, thank you very much.

Admittedly, they're still a little difficult to use. Thank God we have electronic ones.

12. Video Games — make sense, but I doubt it's more fun than playing outside.

Consumers were confused by initial marketing for video games. Most thought it was a television accessory and didn't see it ever becoming popular. (Or super, mega, extremely popular.)