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13 Creative Ways To Take A Selfie

It's time we stopped taking the same boring pictures of ourselves. Here are a few great ways you can spruce up your selfies and make them more exciting — and to properly document your life, pick up a SONY Qx100.

1. Selfies allow us to experiment with the way we see ourselves, and the way the world sees us at the same time:

2. Sometimes we want to see ourselves up close and personal (which this freshly brewed coffee allows us to do):

3. Other times a selfie can help us understand where we fit in:

4. You can even use a selfie to show how you love your city more than yourself:

5. The right selfie shows how bugs see you. And that's important.

6. There's even a way for the "camera shy" to take a selfie!

7. Whoa.

8. This one proves that you can take a selfie literally anywhere, as long as you find a way to make it interesting:

9. A little light trickery takes what could've been a campy selfie to the next level:

10. Just because you're using a hip digital camera doesn't mean you can't be down to earth.

11. These are all just suggestions — but don't be afraid to let your selfie ideas go sky high!

12. And don't forget you can always just use your office's photocopier. No one else is!

13. Never be afraid to take a selfie — the whole world DOES revolve around you!

Inspired by the SONY Qx100 – which dares you to be moved.