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American University Explained To Foreigners

American college life is a bit confusing to those over the pond. So we've pooled our collective knowledge gathered from American media to give you this handy field guide before you go see the ultimate college movie 22 Jump Street, available on Amazon Instant Video.

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10. Sororities and Fraternities all have Greek names because they were founded by the Ancient Greeks

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Which is why it is important to dress in togas whenever possible to honour these brave pioneers.

13. If you choose not to join a fraternity or sorority you'll be put in dorms and given a psychometric test to find a roommate

Rubberball/Mike Kemp / Getty Images

You will then be teamed with someone who is the polar opposite of you, with ‘hilarious’ consequences.

16. College professors are highly paid individuals specially trained at reading Powerpoint presentations

Viorika Prikhodko / Getty Images

They come in five sorts: sexy, evil, sexy evil, down-with-the-kids and some-sort-of-law-enforcement-officer-masquerading-as-a-professor.

And they subsidise their wages by making students buy their highly expensive text books.

Think you've learnt enough to blend in at an American college? These guys probably haven't:

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22 Jump Street, available on Amazon Instant Video.