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The Unsung History Of The Shake

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You can't talk about shakes without acknowledging the original shake... the handshake!

Which naturally evolved into the ever popular secret handshake.

Although some people should really stick to the original...

Speaking of original, let's talk about the original summer treat. That humble, delectable drink invented in 1885... the milkshake.

Farm Security Administration / Via

In 1954 Big Joe Turner taught us how to shake, rattle, and roll all at the same time.

Joe Turner / Atlantic Records / Via

In 1965 General Foods introduced the shortcut lovers of the world to Shake'N Bake.

Mike Johnson / Via

Oh hey baby Taylor Momsen

Ricky Martin might have had the most famous shake in 1999 with Shake Your Bon Bon.

Ricky Martin / Columbia Records / Via

Right before William Hung stole his thunder with his own version in 2004.

The Ellen Show / NBC Universal / Via

In 2003 these 3 guys reinvented shaking one's tailfeathers.

Of course the forefathers of shaking a tailfeather are these two well dressed men.

The Blues Brothers / Universal Pictures / Via

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, danced along to Ray Charles's Shake A Tailfeather in 1980's The Blues Brothers.

2004 was the year of boys standing in yards thanks to Kelis and her trusty sidekick, the milkshake.

Then came the Shake Weight, 2010's exercise of choice for the modern man.

And then there was the Harlem Shake. In 2013 the dance craze that people are still trying to understand went viral...too viral.

But what people really need to understand is that THIS is what the Harlem Shake actually looks like.

SchleppFilms / Via

The dance originally known as the "albee" was created in 1981 by a Harlem resident named Al B.

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