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13 Adulting Moments Every Twentysomething Needs A Break From


1. Applying for entry-level jobs that require three years of experience.

2. Realizing your student loan department calls you more than your friends.

3. Remembering which wash cycle is right for your clothes.

4. Seeing your paycheck immediately go to rent and bills.

5. Choosing between calling your parents or the internet for help.

6. Learning what an I9, W2, 1099, and RRSP is.

7. Your relationship status relying on a left or right swipe.

8. Trying to assemble furniture as if you know what you’re doing.

9. Realizing that you actually have to book doctor appointments.

10. “Teaching” yourself to cook and settling for spaghetti or tacos.

11. Realizing you have no idea how to fix things in your new home.

12. Figuring out ways to break up the routine cycle of adult life.

13. Staying in bed = not being able to pay for a side of fries.

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All illustrations by Tyler Naugle / © BuzzFeed