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    Posted on 24 Mar 2017

    27 Indie Artists India Could Be Listening To Instead Of Bollywood Remixes

    Adding original stuff to your playlist would probably make it more fun.

    1. Prateek Kuhad

    Facebook: prateekkuhadmusic

    A favourite at any party and a great way to settle in on a rainy day. Listen to him here.

    2. Awkward Bong

    Facebook: awkwardbong

    His soulful and lilting tunes are great company for any chill scene with your friends and loved ones.

    3. Kumail

    Facebook: kumailmusic

    This Mumbai producer's subtle and minimalist approach to electronic music is a breath of fresh air.

    4. Alisha Pais

    Facebook: paisslick

    Fall in love with Mumbai-based Pais' versatile voice by starting with this.

    5. Parekh & Singh

    Facebook: parekhsinghmusic

    This Kolkata-based duo's Wes Anderson aesthetic was apparently good enough to be brought to the director's attention. Check them out here.

    6. Agam

    Facebook: agamtheband

    This carnatic progressive rock band has been making a lot of people happy and you can do yourself a favour by listening to them here.

    7. Mali

    Facebook: Malimanojmusic

    This Chennai-born singer-songwriter has a really warm pop sound for you to sit back and listen to.

    8. Tejas


    If you're in the mood for acoustic pop rock, Tejas is your guy. You can listen to him here.

    9. Ramya Pothuri

    Ronit Sarkar / Via Facebook: ramyapothurisinger

    This 20-year-old singer-songwriter writes tunes to make you want to take a quiet, long drive somewhere.

    10. Parvaaz

    Polina Schapova / Via Facebook: parvaazmusic

    You don’t open for alt-J if you’re just another band. Listen to their music here.

    11. Jasleen Royal

    Facebook: jasleenroyal

    The Delhi singer-songwriter of Dear Zindagi fame has been on the scene since she was 18. You could listen to her music here.

    12. Prabh Deep

    Facebook: prabhdeepmusic

    This Delhi MC, who's been at the forefront of the city's hip-hop scene has some sick beats and harsh truths to drop in his music.

    13. Vasuda Sharma

    Facebook: VasudaSharma

    A former band member of Aasma, Sharma is now known on the indie scene for her looping tunes and fun jams.

    14. Enkore

    Elvis D'silva / Via Facebook: thisisenkore

    This young rapper spits verses about social issues and relationships. You can check him out here.

    15. The F16s

    Facebook: pg

    The refreshingly fun sound of The F16s will blow your mind.

    16. Aarifah Rebello

    Facebook: AarifahRebello

    This Mumbai artist is a delight to listen to when you just want to kick back on some days. You can check her out here.

    17. Dhruv Visvanath

    Facebook: mrdhruvv

    This guitarist is good enough to keep you and your playlist happy for some time. Check him out here.

    18. Vidwan

    Facebook: vidwantheband

    This eight-member folk/electronic band from Trivandrum remind you of a time past, while at the same time giving you some pretty cool tunes.

    19. When Chai Met Toast

    Facebook: whenchaimettoast

    The Kochi-based upbeat quartet are a wonderful addition to your playlist. Check them out here.

    20. Ayush Sreshtha

    Facebook: ayushmusic

    This Nepali singer-songwriter has all the cures for your blues. Listen to him here.

    21. Oceantied

    Dan Wilton / Via Facebook: oceantiedmusic

    This Bangalore-based electronic project has what you need to get your party started. Check out his music here.

    22. Fat Yellow Moon

    Facebook: FatYellowMoon

    You can enjoy his soulful crooning to an acoustic guitar at any given time of the day. Check him out here.

    23. Thaikkudam Bridge

    Facebook: 596023337146572

    This Malayalee band formed by cousins is the proof that families that jam together are the coolest. You can check them out here.

    24. Kamakshi Khanna

    Facebook: kamakshimusic

    Just allow yourself to melt slowly while you listen to Delhi-based Khanna's soul and pop music. You can check out her songs here.

    25. Hari & Sukhmani

    Facebook: harisukhmani

    They've been around for a while and their unique sound combined with Sukhmani's cray vocals are a great addition to the playlist. Check them out here.

    26. Shadow and Light

    Ankit Banerjee / Via Facebook: shadowandlight

    This classically trained duo uses Hindustani, pop, jazz and electronic music to create the perfect tunes for a day indoors.

    27. Run It's The Kid

    Facebook: RunitstheKid

    They call themselves a "moody waltz" band from Delhi and for good reason, tbh.