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    11 Things That Happened When Shah Rukh Khan And Brad Pitt Met

    The two biggest stars in the world meeting was kiiinda boring.

    SO Brad Pitt was in Mumbai to promote his movie, War Machine AND chilled with Shah Rukh Khan (juuuust casual).

    They had a chat with film critic Rajeev Masand about Bollywood, Hollywood and the future of global cinema.

    Here's what went down during that conversation:

    1. Brad Pitt admitted that he was terrible at dancing.

    2. But Shah Rukh humbly reminded the world he isn't perfect and revealed to Brad a little trick he now uses.

    3. However, he did admit how having Brad around would affect his *ahem* fandom.

    Tbh, I could do with BOTH Shah Rukh and Brad here.

    4. He revealed how he switches from role to role.

    5. Shah Rukh admitted how humility ensures he can separate his stardom from his real life.

    6. And then reminded the world what makes Brad Pitt and him stars.

    7. He also didn't mince words about Hollywood taking over Bollywood someday.

    8. Brad revealed the secret behind this scene from Tree Of Life.

    9. Shah Rukh revealed why he sometimes makes commercial films.

    10. Aaaand he then chose to break into a random Chinese accent when asked if he'd ever do a crossover film.

    11. But mostly, it was just a lot of polite smiling and nodding while the rest of us waited for something exciting to happen.

    You can watch their whole interview here:

    View this video on YouTube

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