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Vijay Fans Abused, Threatened, And Sexually Harassed A Journalist For Not Liking "Sura"

After Dhanya Rajendran simply mentioned that she hadn't liked the film, fans of the actor unleashed organised trolling that lasted all weekend.

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Keep in mind: The incident she recalled was seven years ago (that's when Sura was in theatres)...


Today, in a series of tweets, Rajendran revealed how the abuse against her was planned and organised. This threat she received at 5:40pm indicates that the hashtag was planned and deployed at 6pm.

Twitter: @dhanyarajendran

She also revealed that, according to Trendsmap, there were 31,000 tweets with that hashtag, and 30,000 mentions of her (with or without hashtags).


Rajendran is also in the process of taking legal action against her abusers.

Just asked Chennai Police Commissioner. He said I should take a few screenshots and file a case. So will do just that.

"What is deeply disturbing is that they do not even find sexual abuses problematic and keep making false equivalence that if someone ‘criticised’ their actor, it is okay to abuse," Rajendran told BuzzFeed.

Dhanya Rajendran

She added, "For decades, the movie industry has put us on a staple diet of misogynistic movies and they see their hero putting women in their places. That is precisely why most of the abuses are sexual in nature because they believe that makes a woman uncomfortable. I am pretty sure these packs troll men too, but that would be of a different nature.

"What is disappointing is that this kind of organized trolling is not condemned by the actors, so does it have their tacit approval? It is time, actors like Vijay and others, who even have political ambitions, come out and make their stand clear," she added.

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