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Madhavan Has Aged Gracefully And Blimey, Shiver Me Timbers


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Everybody, hold on to your ovaries because this is going to be one helluva ~ride~.

Jacob Ammentorp Lund / Getty Images

This is the Madhavan we are all familiar with — paavam-faced angel from heaven.

Madras Talkies

Or even this good boy next door you exchange smiles with.

Madras Talkies

But yesterday, he stepped out of the shower and changed everything our ovarian memory knew about him with this Instagram.

Let me grace your screen with this once more so that you can take in how good the specks of sunlight look in his brown eyes. Let your eyes run themselves through his "oops so messy" hair and feel your gaze run across his alarmingly shapely shoulders.

He's been working that gorjus body for the past couple of years and it has finally come to fruition with his latest, Vikram Vedha.

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A new era is here, citizens of Thirstania — the era of Daddy Maddy.

He's been teasing us with it for a while.

Sometimes, while leaning against a bar awaiting your double tap even though we all know he's werkin' it.

He sleeps well at night knowing he's quenched our thirst for beauty and nature's various bounties.

He has successfully arrested us with his ageless allure.

Watch him as he casually sits back, basking in the glow of this well-lit selfie knowing that you will probably not recover from his beauty.

Open your eyes, people. Daddy Maddy has arrived.

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