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    13 Sep 2016

    Priyanka Chopra Got Very Real With "W Magazine" About Her Scabby Knees And Not-So-Pretty Legs

    "When I was a teenager, I was a tomboy. I had scars and was always falling on my knees... Today, my legs sell 12 or 15 products in my part of the world."

    W Magazine recently published a list called "The New Royals" to celebrate some of the biggest names in American pop culture, featuring Priyanka Chopra.

    She happens to look unsurprisingly stunning while in the company of stars such as Kanye West, Chris Evans, Halle Berry, Jodie Foster, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and more.

    In a video interview with the magazine, Chopra spoke about how strange it was for her to win a beauty pageant...

    But she learnt to take care of her body and has come a long way from there.

    TBH, we're pretty sure she would have killed it regardless of where she went.

    You can watch the entire video here.

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