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    11 Iconic Things Sonu Nigam Has Done In His Life

    He may have made headlines this week, but let's not forget that he's been a frikkin' star for the past two decades.

    Sonu Nigam has been an icon for '90s kids like me. Right from "Sandese Aate Hai" to "Yeh Dil Deewana", the man has been the voice for a myriad of feelings that he made us feel through the years.

    Despite what one may say about him always being mired in controversy, he has done a range of things in his career to be remembered as a goddamn legend:

    1. When he brought musical talent to your TV screens with Sa Re Ga Ma (NO PA. BECAUSE THIS WAS REAL) way before reality shows were cool.

    2. When he made eyes with a CGI Bipasha Basu wearing an oddly shaped tie against a green screen visual of the sea, making us mere mortals believe in the power of hope.

    3. When he made the "heart attack step" a super hit while acting as a ghost in the music video for "Bijuriya".

    4. When he danced like this in Jaani Dushman, standing out in a movie that had reincarnation, Matrix-like stunts AND naagins.

    5. When he understood tardy behaviour like no one else in Love In Nepal.

    6. When he sang this beautiful song about the futility of life and living it to the max regardless, and won awards errwhere.

    7. When he took his musical talent to the skies quite literally by taking over the flight announcements on a Jet Airways flight.

    Aaand got the crew suspended because we cannot have nice things anymore.

    8. When he dressed up as a beggar so stealthily that NO ONE recognised him.

    9. When he fit zombies, BDSM, arm wrestling AND a circus all in ONE music video.

    10. When he got these singer impressions ON POINT.

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    11. And when he made this controversial statement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯