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    Literally Seconds Into Sonam Kapoor Getting Married, Aunties Already Started Taunting Her

    Not even Sonam Kapoor escapes the aunty brigade.

    Welcome to the internet! I'm sure you have already seen this image of Sonam Kapoor getting married. Congratulations to the happy couple etc etc.

    But, let me bring your attention to this video that has been floating on top of my Instagram.

    The video begins super cutely with Sonam excitedly tying the garland around Anand's neck first.

    ... Till ONE aunty decides to butt in with this helpful "correction".

    As if, that wasn't enough, the aunty in the background continued to have issues with Sonam... talking to her husband?

    But, of course, Anand had the sense to correct the aunty.

    Even if it was a joke, it's not new for us to tell brides to be a certain way, to be demure and submissive. But, why should they be?

    Tbh though, it's not like Sonam cared because she is having a ball marrying the love of her life. But, can we please spare the woman, fam??