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    Lilly "Superwoman" Singh Shows That She Doesn't Have Time For Slut-Shamers

    "I wear what I feel comfortable wearing... Either way, it doesn't warrant your opinion, mistreatment or assumption."

    This is YouTuber (and actual) Superwoman, Lilly Singh.

    Singh has been super busy of late, writing a book, doing world tours, starring in movies, AND still finding time to make her weekly videos.

    As with all successful, confident women on the internet, Singh is no stranger to sexist, slut-shaming comments.

    But being the bawse woman that she is, she knows exactly how to put them in their place.

    And once again today, in an Instagram post, Lilly spoke up about how she was raised to think that showing skin was "not right" too.

    But, as her career progressed, she become more confident about her body.

    However, because the internet is what it is, it invited a lot of unnecessary comments.

    But, she doesn't care about that because she is now a woman who's finally loving her body for what it is.

    And honestly, she doesn't give a damn about your opinion.

    Keep flyin' high above the hate, you superwoman.

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