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16 Struggles Of A Single Person During Shaadi Season

Going to cut someone if I hear "You're next" one more time.

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1. Your parents suddenly remember your age.

2. And it's not just them. It's every single person you meet.

3. You have heard the words "You're next" more than you can count.

4. The whole ceremony just ends up being a chance to get you matched with the next eligible bachelor.

5. Your friends who attended previous weddings with you are also getting married now.


6. Your first reaction when someone says "Guess what?" is asking if they're getting married.

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7. Most of your time is spent waiting for the buffet to open...

8. ... and the rest for the bar to open.

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Some of us need alcohol to deal.

9. You may be in the worst moods of all time but the occasion requires you to look your best.

10. You're bored at every wedding that you attend alone because you have pretty much seen it all.

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11. Honestly, though, it's still better than pretending you're happy to meet people you barely remember.


12. So, you get on the dance floor to have a good time...

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13. ... Till they start playing the couple songs.


14. Every pretty thing you look at makes you want to reassess your financial situation.

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15. But, you still have a looong list of things you'd do differently at your own wedding.

16. And no matter how the day goes, you always leave a wedding believing in love stories a little more than you did before.