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    22 Dec 2017

    28 Indian Short Films That You Absolutely Need To Watch Before You Die

    There's sex, smashing the patriarchy, dog love stories and a guaranteed fun viewing.

    1. Juice

    Neeraj Ghaywan of Masaan fame made a short film about the frustration of the middle-class housewife, played by the captivating Shefali Shah, and her symbolic rebellion with a glass of juice.

    2. Chutney

    Tisca Chopra looks unrecognisable in the creepy movie where she sizes up her husband's possible mistress with a ridiculous story, told in the most hilarious and spine-chilling way.

    3. Ahalya

    Kahaani's director Sujoy Ghosh makes a movie that begins with an inspector in Kolkata investigating about a missing man named Arjun, but takes a ridiculous turn.

    4. The Manliest Man

    A potter in a village fails to produce a son and no one comes forward to offer to impregnate his wife because of generations-old casteism and classism entrenched in their society.

    5. That Day After Everyday

    Three women who are harassed every day by roadside goons decide to take things into their own hands. The Anurag Kashyap-directed short ends unexpectedly but leaves you with goosebumps.

    6. Interior Cafe Night

    The film looks at two ends of the spectrum of love with Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel playing an old couple meeting after years of separation, while Shweta Basu Prasad and Naveen Prasad play a couple who are about to break up.

    7. Khujli

    A middle-aged couple played by Neena Gupta and Jackie Shroff try to spice up their sex life by experimenting with BDSM, with hilarious results.

    8. Khaney Mein Kya Hai?

    A newly-wed daughter excitedly speaks about her sex life to her mother, who is stuck in a sexual rut. The movie never uses the words sex or orgasm, but leaves you feeling warm and giggly anyway.

    9. 11 Minutes

    Intended as an anti-smoking PSA, the Sunny Leone and Alok Nath-starrer makes you laugh throughout while also delivering its message effectively.

    10. The School Bag

    Rasika Duggal stars as the mother of a child, whose only birthday wish is to have a new school bag. The tearjerker will leave you shook and wanting to call your mom right away.

    11. El'ayichi

    Nimrat Kaur plays a woman frustrated with the constant presence of her dead husband, ruining every single minute of her day in this twisted romantic comedy.

    12. Kheer

    A widower prepares for the arrival of his grandchildren by preparing Kheer for them. He also reconciles with possibly exploring the idea of finding love again.

    13. Going Home

    This Alia Bhatt-starring short film by Vogue keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout, as you travel with her on a lonely night with a group of men.

    14. Taandav

    Manoj Bajpayee plays a frustrated hawaldar from Mumbai who is faced with a financial crunch and dissatisfaction in his life.

    15. Khamakha

    Two strangers meet on a local bus on the way to Mumbai and bond over the differences in the way they communicate.

    16. Mamta Tonic

    This eerie short features a woman selling tonic from door-to-door with a scary AF result.

    17. Little Hands

    This silent film is about kids writing an exam and the heartbreaking kindness they show each other in the process.

    18. Syaahi

    This National Award-winning film about a boy who loses his father's manuscript and frantically tries to get it back is going to leave you feeling all choked up and fuzzy on the inside.

    19. Broken Image

    A photojournalist faces the ethical challenge of either capturing a tragedy as it happens or saving the victim's life.

    20. Two

    A young boy from an affluent family spends his time entertaining himself in his house till he gets distracted by a boy his own age from across the field.

    21. Bypass

    This silent short film about crime on a national highway stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan from before they became the acting powerhouses they are now.

    22. Little Terrorist

    A Pakistani boy accidentally crosses the border while trying to retrieve a ball and is kept safe in hiding by an Indian family.

    23. Afterglow

    A newly widowed woman deals with the questions that relatives and well-meaning acquaintances have about the death of her husband, while still keeping the memories alive.

    24. Aamad

    A son returns home to his dying father and they are faced with their unresolved problems around classical dance.

    25. Jai Mata Di

    A young couple wants to move in together, but are faced with an obstacle when the landlord says they won't be allowed to take possession of the flat unless they're married.

    26. Aai Shapat

    A young boy goes through a day anxiously as he watches his cousin carelessly throw away a "mother promise" without really meaning it.

    27. Bruno and Juliet

    Two doggos in Kashmir fall in love, with their hoomans playing villain. This is all the plot you need, honestly.

    28. Dharmam

    A young beggar and a city cop encounter another beggar at a traffic signal, prompting them to change their perspective on the world around them.

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