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Rakhi Sawant On Holiday Is Basically Every Desi Tourist Ever

She bought a selfie stick and now we have the unbridled joy of watching her use it.

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That Rakhi Sawant is a gem on Instagram is already known.

But she has just upped her Instagame by getting herself a selfie stick before her recent trip to Dubai.

This lady sitting behind her has no idea that she (and the rest of us) are up for an incredible journey — watching Rakhi be the quintessential desi tourist.

She and her selfie stick went around Dubai making new friends...

EVERY new person she met was introduced to the selfie stick.


She even let us in on the the very human mistake of getting lost in a new city.

She was me as a broke tourist in another country.

And also me trying on all the things I cannot afford.

She was that person at the bar who decided to ~treat~ herself.

She became the one orchestrating Instagrams in scenic places.

I will now leave you with this GIF of her flawlessly matching steps with a belly dancer.