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    Priyanka Chopra Was Once Offered Only 5% Of What Her Male Costar Was Being Paid

    A Bollywood producer told her, "This is the budget for the girl and we can't move beyond that."

    Goes without saying that Priyanka Chopra is probably the biggest star India has produced.

    But even PC isn't often compensated as she should be, she admitted in an interview with InStyle.

    She told the magazine about how, in Bollywood, producers are not shy to admit that they will pay a male actor more.

    She was directly informed that she would be paid only a fraction of what her male costar was being offered.

    While she admitted that the wage gap exists in both India and the United States, she realised that the Indian industry isn't as afraid of consequences.

    In the same interview, Chopra also mentioned being rejected for a role in Hollywood because of her skin colour.

    Here's the link to the entire interview.