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15 Moments Of Incredible Humanity During The Mumbai Rains

An important reminder that despite the anger at our failing infrastructure and incompetent governance, kindness comes first.

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Mumbai is currently facing what has been the highest amount of rainfall since the floods of July 26, 2005. Reportedly, at least four people have died in the deluge and many had to take refuge in temples, mosques, strangers' homes, and their offices. The consistently incompetent governance and failure to maintain the city's infrastructure has only angered residents.

Here's a reminder that Mumbai is a place that chose to care for its kind in tough times.

1. Mumbai does way more than its duty.

2. More so when the city needs it.

3. Whether it means pushing their way out...

4. Or lending a hand...

5. Mumbai never stops.

6. While some do this for family...

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

7. A lot of it goes beyond that too.

8. Our furry friends were not left behind either.

Sahil Shah

9. There are open doors for everyone.

10. Regardless of who you are.

11. Or where you come from.

12. No one shies away from being there for each other.

13. They don't hesitate to share.

14. Even if it's not much.

15. And they also make the most important choice: to choose kindness first.

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