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    13 Websites You Should Never, Ever Visit If You Have An Online Shopping Problem

    Say goodbye to your salary.

    1. The Souled Store β€” for every nerd and pop-culture lover.

    2. Librarywala β€” for those who cannot be bothered to actually visit a library to borrow a good book.

    Tip: They have monthly, quarterly and yearly plans for you to borrow books.

    3. Nykaa β€” for the makeup and skincare products addict.

    4. Nature's Basket β€” for the homebody and gourmet connoisseur in you.

    5. Calae β€” for anyone who'd love some affordable and super cute plus-sized clothing.

    6. Pink Mud β€” for those who're just really into nice smelling stuff.

    Instagram: @pinkmud_official

    Tip: They also offer tubs that you can pile up with your favourite scents and gift to someone.

    7. Sick Pluto β€” for someone who really needs more of that Tumblr aesthetic in their lives.

    8. The Moja Club β€” for anyone looking to up their sock game.

    Instagram: @themojaclub

    Tip: They also have a monthly subscription box that sends you socks.

    9. Zivame β€” for those who really hate lingerie shopping and are really fed up of not finding their sizes anywhere.

    10. Flyrobe β€” for those who are looking for gorgeous outfits to rent.

    11. LoveTreats β€” for those who're just trying to make orgasms more fun (and safe).

    12. PropShop24 β€” for anyone who cannot get enough of cute things to place around the house or even gift to your friends.

    13. Pipa + Bella β€” for anyone who knows accessories make the outfit.

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