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Bollywood, Stop Your Sexist Bullshit While Casting On-Screen Moms

While men play lead roles in their fifties, women start playing moms in their thirties.

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Earlier this week, Twitter user @BollywoodQing posted a thread pointing out the same longstanding sexist trend of having a tiny age gap between on-screen Bollywood moms and their kids.

While filmmakers consider men of all ages bankable leads and love interests, women are quickly relegated to supporting maternal roles pretty soon into their careers. Shah Rukh Khan can play a leading man in his fifties, while the women across from him remain in their early twenties, and some actresses play moms in their thirties itself.

The underlying (and sexist!) problem is that women are sexualised early and considered too unattractive to be leads as soon as they show signs of normal ageing. Though that's been changing in small pockets, it's still a widely accepted trend.


8. Waheeda Rahman was cast as Big B's mom in Namak Halal, while casually ignoring the fact that they only had a four-year age difference.