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    In A Move From The '50s, Uber Asked Husbands To Let Their Wives Take Time Off From The Kitchen

    Twitter did the job and shut shit down, after which Uber eventually apologised.

    On September 17, Wife Appreciation Day, UberEats in India decided to post this ad to promote their latest offer.

    Just in case you flinched and checked to see if you'd turned up in 1817 by mistake, here's a reminder that this happened in 2017.

    And Twitter was having none of it.

    As the ad gained attention, people from outside India weren't sparing the company either.

    Eventually, Uber's chief brand officer Bozoma Saint John saw one of the tweets and responded to it.

    @PranavDixit @dkhos Oh hell no. This is completely unacceptable. Will take care of this.

    The ad was eventually taken down and an official apology was tweeted.

    @PranavDixit @dkhos @badassboz This was totally inappropriate. We've removed it and we apologize.

    This is the latest in a long line of accusations of sexism against Uber.

    Everyone to Uber rn: