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Sound The Alarms Because Rakhi Sawant May Have Deactivated Her Instagram

"I'm not well. Mujhe sabke wishes aur blessings chahiye." —Every follower of Rakhi right now.

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Hello, friends. It is me, your local Rakhi Sawant correspondent, and I have some incredibly sad news to deliver.

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She has left Instagram. Her Instagram account is no more. Rakhi hum sab ko chhod ke chali gayi hai.

In fact, if you look for her on Instagram, all you will see is a blank page (which is basically our lives right now).

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There will be no more watching her drop pearls of self-loving wisdom.

No more travel videos.

No one to teach us what DGAF really looks like.

No more realness because clearly the world has taken away the ONE GOOD THING WE STILL HAD — RAKHI'S HONESTY.

We might never know why she really left, but for the love of god, come back. Please come back, Rakhi.