Desis Have Shown Up To Protest Against Trump With Some Savage AF Signs

    The demonstrations in the U.S. have been blessed with some solid sass.

    Since U.S. President Donald Trump has come into power, the country has erupted into protests. People have been spilling out on to the streets to speak out against him.

    The demonstrations have shown the world how creative protesters can get with their signs, which have ranged from powerful to downright hilarious.

    However, it is the desi protesters who have stolen the show with bursts of absolute savagery.

    Their signs have been filled with references to viral videos...

    ... and some incredible puns.

    Some even used desi hospitality to prove a point...

    While others didn't really mince their words.

    It's like they say – never mess with a desi. 🔥🔥🔥