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    11 Times Abhishek Bachchan Was Classy AF About Being The Less Popular Bachchan

    He wins for being the coolest Bachchan though.

    1. When he was fully aware of his lineage.

    2. When he had a hilarious response for this troll.

    3. When he knew exactly how in demand he was.

    4. When even his parody account got more credit for his work than he did.

    5. When he knew what his career graph looked like.

    6. When he was humble AF about his lead role in a movie.

    7. When he was acutely aware of being married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

    8. When he was supportive even when the spotlight was not on him.

    9. When he turned this comedian's comment into a moment of hope.

    10. When he just wanted to prove he could be as good as his Pa.

    11. And when he was confident he had inherited some of his genes.