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18 Times Mindy Kaling Proved We Didn't Deserve Her

Goddess, show us the way.

1. When she taught us to believe in ourselves.

"Why the fuck not me?" should be your motto

2. When she showed this unbridled joy at being fed free McDonald's.

3. When she didn't lie about her love for food.

4. When she proved that fit is not a body type.

5. When she got real about what went into her glam AF looks.

6. When Mindy wore it better than royalty and wasn't afraid to call the duchess out for it.

7. When she gave us this sound advice.

Rather be none of his girls than one of his girls

8. When she shut people down about her character's parenting skills.

People ask where Mindy's baby is when I'm on a dating story. He's off playing w/the children on male-driven comedies no one ever asks about.

9. When she taught us to be unafraid.

10. When she didn't care about haters.

11. When she knew hard work was the key to her success.

12. When she was up front about #GirlLove.

13. When she explained where she got her confidence from.

14. When she didn't give a damn about your body standards.

15. When she was her own boss.

16. When she regretted not listening to her mom.

this whole foods frozen indian tv dinner i just ate is terrible, why did I never learn to cook the cuisine of my ancestors

17. When she knew not to be mad at Oprah.

18. And when she wanted us to really believe in ourselves.