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Campaign Started Help Subodh Ji In His Skin Cancer

Subodh Ji is fighting for his life after struggling with skin cancer. To help him pay for medical expenses, I'm launching a crowdfunding campaign on Ketto India platform. Rahul's friends are attempting to raise INR 4,00,000, all of which will go toward life-saving cancer treatments for Rahul. Donations of all sizes are welcome. "Subodh Ji is my Uncle, and there is nothing more painful than watching him and wondering if he'll be there the next day," said NAME, organizer of the "Support Subodh Ji" campaign. "We aren't asking you to raise millions, begin your own fundraiser, or chop off all of your hair. All we want is for him to have another chance at life. After all, doesn't everyone deserve one?" Donations to the Support Subodh Ji campaign can be made Here

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