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25 Easy Plant-Based Recipes That’ll Have You Licking Your Plate Clean

Easing up on dairy has never looked so good.

From whipping up mouth-watering desserts and delicious savoury dishes that keep you full for hours, So Good's range of plant-based milks can be used for so much more than topping up your morning coffee.

Here are 25 inspired ways to use So Good milks in the kitchen.

1. Corn and zucchini fritters with avocado salsa

2. Self-saucing sticky date pudding

3. Berry brekkie scrolls

4. Spinach quiche with brown rice crust

5. Fudgy vegan brownies

6. Mixed berry acai smoothie bowl

7. Curried pumpkin and black bean pita pockets with cucumber and yoghurt sauce

8. Raspberry and pistachio dessert bars

9. Vegetable moussaka

10. Tapioca pudding with mango, coconut cream and kaffir lime

11. Millet and banana smoothie bowl

12. Roasted carrot peanut dip

13. Lemon delicious pudding

14. Golden oats

15. Baked chai donuts

16. Cheesy tomato pasta bake

17. Banana peanut ice cream pots

18. Cinnamon coconut bread

19. Red capsicum frittata

20. Blueberry scones

21. Chai pops

22. Hot carrot cake bircher

23. Peanut butter choc shake

24. Berry fresh smoothie bowl

25. And finally, Pass the parcels

For great tasting, versatile alternatives to dairy milk, try So Good's range of delicious soy, nut and barista milk varieties.

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