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12 Ways You've Tried To Reduce Your Student Loan Debt

Because you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth. That would be weird, right? Like wouldn't that mean your mom had eaten a spoon?

1. Screaming at the sky.

If you scream loud enough, someone's bound to hear you. Whether they can help you with your loans is another question, though.

2. Sleeping in hopes of it being gone when you wake up.

Maybe if you dream enough, they'll come true!

3. Driving your car until it literally falls apart. / Via

You need to save money everywhere you possibly can. Gotta put that money toward paying off those loans, baby!

4. Talking to your bills like a person.

BuzzFeed Creative

Maybe they can be reasoned with...

...if you could get through a conversation without them INTERRUPTING YOU! RUDE!!!

5. Asking your parents for money. / Via


Yeah. They were totally taking you seriously.

6. Trying some new-age meditation. / Via

The little pebble is supposed to help with your money chakra.

7. Binge-eating. / Via








Probably not.

8. Extreme budgeting.

Hey, you still need to have fun. And you've definitely figured out some ways to get creative with a limited budget.

9. Hiding.

"If I can't see the student loans, then they can't see me."

This is perfectly sound logic.

10. Digging random holes in hopes of finding a pirate's treasure or something.

Does crusty old poop count as treasure? More importantly, can it pass as currency?

11. Diving into fountains to steal coins.

They've definitely got a competitive interest rate. Plus, you get to take a free* bath!

*soap not included

12. Opening a kissing booth and charging $5 per kiss.

Everyone wants your kisses. Even dogs. Had to make sure they'd pay up, though. That's the whole point, after all.

Well, in case none of that stuff worked, you *might* be happy to know that you can drastically reduce your student loan payments by refinancing with SoFi!

Keep up the meditation though -- it's good for you.

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