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9 Times Social Media Dares Got Way Too Real

So real. So, so real.

So BuzzFeed created this new card came called Social Sabotage, where you have to post or text people all sorts of hilariously awful and random things. Some names have been covered to protect the innocent.

PSST...We make money when you buy this!

1. This poor person who had to text this to their mom.

2. This guy who apparently didn't take anyone by surprise.

3. This guy who has absolutely no fear (or shame).

4. Hey, speaking of feet...

5. SORRY, KYLE!!!!!!!!

6. This guy who has a lot of fallout to deal with.

7. This woman who's...not wrong?

8. This guy who probably lost several friends with this text.

9. Okay, this is actually a valid question, and it deserves legitimate speculation.

Are you down to text anyone just about anything? Are you okay with being a complete weirdo on social media? Then you should totally play Social Sabotage with your friends.