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10 Things To Consider Before Going LIVE

It is the time to Go Live! With the availability of various live broadcasting platforms in the marketplace, the need for a basic guideline is essential for an awesome live experience. The following is a compilation of some of the essential things to consider before you venture onto your first live session or to enhance your live performances.

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1) Choose the RIGHT Equipment

You need to decide whether you are going to be streaming using a computer, mobile device or maybe even both. Regardless, you will need proper equipment so that you can ensure that the viewers have a smooth and rich experience. For example, if you are using a computer make sure there isn’t any background noise, like the fan or anything else in the background. The negative consequence is that people cannot enjoy your videos even if you are entertaining. If you are using a cell phone make sure your microphone is good enough so that you can be heard and your front camera is also of good quality.

2) Install & Update the App

ringID / Via Facebook: ringIDofficial

Your app needs to be installed on your device. Make sure your device is updated with the latest operating system so that the app works perfectly. We bring in lots of updates with fun and interactive new features frequently. For example, ringID introduced new features to LIVE such as allowing the host to make a call to one of the viewers, establishing one to one communication while the rest of the audience enjoy the broadcast. ringID also allows the feature of gifting coins and items.

3) Computer Needs an Encoder to Broadcast

If you are using a computer and want to go LIVE or stream something to Facebook LIVE or ringID LIVE, then you’ll need to download “Encoder” Software. There are many to choose from, but OBS is a free tool which will do the job just fine.

There are links in YouTube with easy tutorials on how to set up the programs. Follow this link: You can play around with it and see which options best suits your interest.

4) Good Quality Microphone

So, you need to have a good quality microphone, to say the least. People NEED to understand what you are saying regardless of where you are. The more creative a user becomes, the more likely that he/she is outdoors capturing themselves with various uncontrollable background noise. So you must invest a decent amount on good quality microphones in order to go Live. Logitech & A4tech are some brands which have good quality headphones.

5) Prepare your Location or use your own Studio

Sometimes, performers neglect the background of their videos. What can be seen in the background is almost as important as the video content. It has been found that people with a professional looking background attract more viewers than someone with a lot of distraction or irrelevant junk in the background. Keeping it at least neat or clean or even uniform such as a plain wall will keep the main focus on what you are doing. Otherwise, viewers invariantly keep getting distracted by what’s happening behind the scene which might be completely unrelated to what you are trying to come across. Not everyone can become an internet sensation like the most viral BBC interview of 2017.

6) Decide What to Stream to become an influencer

The video streaming entertainment industry has been around for almost a decade or more because of YouTube. Even though we are talking about Live we are closely related. This has resulted in a very saturated market. Now it’s not to say that newer performers aren’t doing well. It’s just that bringing up the same trite content will probably not bode well with the viewers. So it’s better to find something niche. It might take a bit longer but it’s worth the effort in the long run. Viewers like to follow experts in a certain aspect, so establishing your niche will get you one step closer to your goal.

7) LIVE Interviews with an Industry Expert

People tend to pay more attention to interviews especially if they are happening live. People find it more authentic because it cannot be scripted. Of course, the flipside of this is that there can be glitches or mistakes so make sure you have a backup plan or be mentally prepared to improvise in case it happens. An industry expert is just about the most perfect thing as it validates your content even more. Experts in various industries allow audiences to establish a sense of trust & belief on the content of the video.

8) Q and A session can increase user engagement

Maybe you’ve seen a lot of other streamers who post Q&As already on their channel. But this time since it is Live, you must answer them on the spot. Many viewers love the questions and answer session because they find it highly entertaining. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg does this all the time. He encourages people to ask questions in the comment section so that he can answer them live. This is a great way for you to bring viewers into your brand and give back honest feedbacks.

9) Can Share LIVE Events for More Exposure

Facebook Live, ringID Live or other awesome live apps are a great way to announce upcoming events. If your product is going to be launching soon, the most efficient way of attracting consumers is to put up the launch on Live. An even better idea is to tease the audience with upcoming products that are coming months ahead to keep viewers guessing and growing in curiosity. On another note, the event doesn’t necessarily need to be about your product. You can share Live videos of events that others are hosting and use that to establish a name for yourself.

10) More Preparation and Polish

Storytelling is an awesome strategy to broadcast for any Brand and its history. People love to see and listen to any kind of story, especially inspirational stories. Unlike more casual live streaming shows, broadcasting for brands requires more preparation and polish, as you know its professional and brand personality matters. There are several strategies of how you are going to brand your streams and when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit.

So this was my list of things to consider before you go Live to ensure a rich and smooth live streaming experience for you and your followers.

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