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    Y’all, It’s Official. Red (Taylor’s Version) Is Coming Out November 19, 2021


    It’s time to get excited!

    We now have the second date for a new Taylor album. November 19, 2021. Even though it’s just over 5 months away, it’s something to be excited about. This will be Taylor’s second Taylor’s Version album (unless she releases 1989 first…. I’m looking at you Taylor)

    What to expect

    Taylor Swift • Instagram

    How do I know that there will be swearing?

    Well if you go to Taylor’s official website, (where you can preorder now!) you will see two options. Clean and explicit. I will personally go with the explicit version because I don’t mind a little bit of swearing.

    Taylor Swift • Republic

    I for one, am very excited

    Everyone’s been speculating something ~important~ coming out today. Lots were thinking that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would come out today, but it didn’t. But now, we have something else to be excited about!!

    Oh and

    Taylor Swift • Instagram