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    Just a fun update

    hey y’all

    okok so first of all, hiii. second of all, thank you for reading this and reading my posts and doing my quizzes!! ok so i’m just doing this post to update y’all on what i’m working on atm.

    ok so for quizzes

    i’m currently working on 2 taylor swift quizzes, one a trivia and one a poll. idk when they’ll come out tbh, but my goal is to have at least one out by july 20, 2021. and i’m working on a multi musical artist trivia quiz so look for that too!

    for posts/rankings

    i’m working on my folklore ranking, and it will be coming out on july 24, 2021, at 9 am EST (one year after the release date). i’m also working on an evermore ranking and Lover ranking. they’ll come out when they’re done. Lover may even come out in its release date 2 years later…. when Red (Taylor’s Version) comes out, i’ll be making a ranking for all 30 songs. i’m also going to try and do an every song ranking, but that might take a while, so i’ll hold off on that rn. i’ll also do a post for either my 25 favourite bridges, 25 favourite vocals, 25 parts of her songs that give me lots of serotonin, or 25 favourite lyrics? which should i do?? tell me in the comments!! i’ll also put a poll under here. but pls comment as well!!

    ok so this is probably the end of this update

    oh and im probably going to be doing some sort of Dua Lipa song ranking as well, so stay on the lookout for that :) if there’s any content you’d like to see on my acc, pls comment and i’ll respond!! anywho, this is the end for now. talk to y’all in the comments!