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    11 Penguins With Attitude Problems

    Even the cutest of creatures get mad sometimes. These penguins have a sassy side and they aren't afraid to show it.

    1. This rockhopper who is missing some pep in his step.

    2. This passive aggressive penguin who is not very friendly.

    "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there..."

    3. This penguin who has had it with other bros snapping pics of his girl while she reads.

    4. This peguin who has had it with tourists gawking at her while she nests.


    "Attention humans, back away from the egg or else I will continue to look adorable while I scream at you."

    5. This penguin who has had it with the world in general.

    Via Flickr: markbridge

    "I hate EVERYONE!"

    6. These penguins at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago who are prepping for their new reality show.

    Via Flickr: nouqraz

    "I am tired of all your sh*t getting everywhere!"

    7. This Penguin who is not impressed.

    8. This sassy blackfoot penguin who wants to know what gives.

    Travelbug15 / Via

    "Girl whatchu looking at?"

    9. This stone cold rockhopper penguin who tells it like it is.


    "Nothing Much."

    10. These penguins who enjoy taunting their higher-ups on the food chain...


    "Betch, can't you see? This is our beach and we don't want you here. Go get your own."

    "Ok fine! We can share."

    11. And finally this miserable little penguin who is not feeling his new friend.

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