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14 Surprising Ways To Bake With Pretzels That'll Leave You Speechless

Fake it till you bake it? Not necessary! Baking with pretzels not only makes you the real deal, but makes any sweet treat that much more fun. Snyder's of Hanover is here to help make your summer a little more fun with their $10,000 sweepstakes!


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Sure, boxed cake mix is great. However, you can really take your cupcake to the next level by not only making the cake from scratch, but also by adding a little saltiness to break up the sweetness of the frosting with pretzels. Like OMG.


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A cookie is just a cookie, right? WRONG. Get your sweet and salty fix with all of your favorite add-ons by mixing in peanuts and pretzels to your already solid chocolate chip cookie. It's a real showstopper!


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Even though it's not Thanksgiving, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the company of a decadent pie! Bet you had no idea that you can turn an ordinary crust into something extraordinary by replacing flour with pretzels! There's a reason must and crust rhyme, you know.


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What's better than baking? Being able to bake without an oven is what! Take the no out of your graNOla bars with chocolate, Rice Krispies, oats, peanut butter, and of course, pretzels. There's no reason why each bite can't be sensational!


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Who doesn't love a nice, perfectly salted pretzel dipped in the smoothest chocolate? Like, really, who doesn't love that?! Turn this love affair into a full-blown obsession by incorporating peanut butter as well as meltable, colorful chocolate into your dippable desire.


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Listen, good shortbread never comes up short. Great shortbread, on the other hand, mixes normal flour with ground-up pretzels for a perfectly salty-sweet dessert. Add pretzel pieces to the top for that extra crunch. You're tall in our eyes, dear shortbread!


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Need a quick and simple crowd-pleasing dessert in a jiffy? Almond butter, honey, and ground pretzels all dipped in chocolate do a decadent dessert make. Go on and shuffle to the truffle!


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Peanut butter can get really lonely when it has to stand on its own. But when it's peanut butter mousse firmly set in between a chocolate ganache and a pretzel crust? Well, that's a friendship we can all get behind. This sweet, creamy, yet slightly salty treat will leave your mouth singing!


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A cereal 'n' milk breakfast can get really mundane. Switch things up with a Greek yogurt, chocolate chip cookie dough, and pretzel parfait! Jazz it up for your midday snack or simply dress it down as you head out the door in the morning. Stay refreshed all day long!


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Dessert doesn't have to be big to have a lot of bite! These four-ingredient caramel pretzel turtles are simple in their makeup, but carry a very well-balanced yet complex flavor and texture. And don't forget, they're dangerously poppable!


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It's summer and, therefore, time to celebrate! Nothing better to start the season off right with than this salted caramel mocha pretzel cake. Dense, rich, and caffeinated, this cake has everything going on, including a pretzel surprise in between each layer. Crave no more! Get to bakin'!


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A little bit of chocolate is great... but a lot of chocolate is even better! Drizzled in dark and white chocolate, these chocolate brownies will make sure you satisfy your fix. But wait! There's more! This indulgent treat would be nothing without its subtle, but ever-so-crunchy pretzel topping. Daring, indeed!


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Making good ol' fashioned s'mores is always a summer favorite. But should you want to fancify this childhood pastime, replace those graham crackers with your favorite pretzel thins for a très avant-garde experience for your taste buds!


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In the mood to show off, are we? Bake a masterpiece by surrounding a from-scratch cake with pretzel rods and by decorating the top with chocolate coconut oatmeal energy bites. Almost looks too good to eat!

Add Snyder's of Hanover pretzels to any recipe for a summer you can really take a bite out of!