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    Well Paid Night Shift Jobs in UK

    Regardless of your line of work, night shift is hard. Despite this, they are some of the highest paid jobs for requiring people to work during unsociable hours. Also, night shift jobs in London are easier to get. If you are a night shift owl, there is a wide range of night shift jobs in London available for you.

    Work of Casino Croupier

    Wondering what is a croupier? Well, it refers to the individuals responsible of a gaming table; they gather in and pay out tokens or money. Nowadays casino croupiers position is also transforming. For sure, you can find a job in an offline landbased casino and get a solid salary there. Also, you can do as one of my friends did – he tried himself in those one new mainstream online casinos, it's called 500freeslots, I guess. There he was able to work online from home. The only thing he did was sitting in front of the web camera and spinning the wheel for the clients. Thus, they are technically competent, meaning that they should know the managing chips, game rules, house rules, and the betting configurations inside out. Besides the conventional casinos, there is an emerging market for online casinos hence a demand for croupiers to manage games via webcam. The growing sector presents more opportunities for becoming a professional croupier.

    Night medical stuff

    Although working the night shift generally disrupts our health, it is essential for the clinical environment to guarantee the continuity of care. Some of the medical jobs that have night shifts include doctors, registered nurses, care assistants, admitting clerk, medical lab technician, medical records clerk, and night cleaner.

    Night Taxi Driver in England

    Taxi drivers are essential workers. Whether you are coming from a night shift, a night out, or need to get to work on time, you require them! People like the life of a taxi driver mainly because of the social interaction, consistent work, and flexible work hours that come with it. Nevertheless, if you are considering becoming a cabbie, you may want to check if the job suits you. Certain traits will set you apart from other drivers. For instance, you may want to consider your driving skills, vehicle condition, and interaction with other people. If you have such favorable qualities, it is a good time to become a night taxi driver considering the emerging online opportunities.

    Working As a Firefighter at Night

    Among the list of well-paid night shift jobs in UK are firefighters, who offer frontline emergencies. They have to endure pressure dealing with death and life situations, coupled with high-stress situations of work outside the normal 8 to 5 working hours. However, apart from a good pay, working as a firefighter as night comes with great perks. You can use the shift to your advantage by pursuing other interests during the day, develop your career, and earn a good pension.

    Hotel Night Concierge

    Hotel Night Concierge

    The hospitality industry also offers attractive night shift opportunities such as the hotel night concierge. They are “personal assistants”, who provide guests with all the help they need. All you need to succeed in this field is excellent communication skills, impressive customer service skills, local knowledge, a friendly attitude, and appealing appearance.

    Customer Support Night Shifts Workers

    Night shift customer support workers help guests with questions, complaints, and required information on services and products. However, just like the hotel night concierge, they need to possess excellent customer service and communication skills. If you naturally love helping people solve their problems, this is the right career path for you.

    Office Cleaner

    When it comes to office cleaning, there is more than meets the eye. For instance, you would not tell if night cleaners are highly paid in the UK. Among other essential skills required to pursue this job, you should have physical stamina, mechanical skills, and excellent interpersonal skills.

    Security guards that keep property safe at night

    Pursuing a career as a night security guard is more perilous than other jobs. However, as it is said, “If you do not play, you cannot win”. If you are physically fit, alert, keen observer, hardworking, and honest, then you are suitable to work as a night security guard. You are not only going to enjoy a reasonable income but also flexibility in spending time because in most cases, you need to complete tasks on hourly basis.

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