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The Year In Snoop

As told by the man himself. Ya dig?

This year was a journey for me in more ways than one. Come along for my flashback and I hope you're ready for 2014. Ya wit me?!?



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A song with a message like this has to come from the heart, and for me, that heart is connected to being a father. That's why I asked my daughter, Cori B., to be a part of this song. And why I asked Drake to help spread this positive message. It’s more than a song for me — it’s a social movement and a call to action to end gun violence. It’s a movement I started this year with The League of Young Voters to raise awareness and incite a national conversation on ways we can eliminate gun violence. I hope you will all join me in 2014 to stop this violence!

Me and Miley

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"Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" is one of my favorite songs off Reincarnated. She is an awesome artist to work with, and I love this track. She was in the news a lot this year, but I look it at like this: She’s 20 years old. She’s just figuring out how to take charge in her life. I remember what that was like. I expect great things to follow for Miley.

Snoopify Your Photos

My Snoopify app allows everyone to add Snoop-themed stickers to their personal photos! Techcrunch.com called it "The greatest mobile photobombing app of all time!"

Me and Kate Upton. Hot Pockets.

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You Got What I Eat! Uncle Snoop, Hot Pockets and the flyest girl around. That’s all you need to know.

Boss Dogg & Boss Lady in The White House!

Herbie Hancock can do it all. He’s influenced everybody: Hip hop, jazz, rock, classical. I was really honored to perform and celebrate this legend for the Kennedy Center Honors with our President and First Lady! My wife and baby girl came with me too. Started from the bottom. Now we're in the White House!!

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I started a new garden.

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I started the organization Mind Gardens in Jamaica (with my guy Jean Paul DeJoria) when I saw how the communities didn’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This year, I brought Mind Gardens to the West Coast with the help of Reed's Ginger Brew to bring healthy living to the kids. You gotta get your body right to get your mind right!

My very own G-PEN.

Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) Superbowl Champs, baby!!

Snoop Dogg for Dogs

The Broadus Boyz Mixtape

The 20th Anniversary of Doggystyle

Larry King Raps on GGN

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Larry King is my guy. I’ve been going on his show for years, and thought I should have him on GGN this year. He let me teach him how to rap. He’s got style and swag. Mazel tov, Mr. King.

I hosted tha BET Hip Hop Awards

FUNK You Very Much!

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