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11 Animal GIFs That Will Make You Say, “That’s Me When I’m Hungry”

Are you an animal when you're hungry? Solve your hunger problems with the crispy satisfaction of SNICKERS® Crisper.

1. When it's been so long since your last snack that you start to feel glessimistic (gloomy + pessimistic) about...well, everything:

2. When you're so forgonkers (forgetful + bonkers) with hunger that you've lost all sense of direction:

3. When your coworker sets out snacks and you're too dimpatient (dim + impatient) with hunger to play it cool:

4. When you've resigned yourself to feeling gluring (glum + boring) for the rest of your life...or at least until your next meal:

5. When you're so hungry your choices start to get a little bloopy (bad judgment + loopy):

6. When you've got a big project due at the end of the day but skipping snacktime has made you totally confulish (confused + foolish):

7. When the hunger pangs hit and things start to get leird (loopy + weird) in your brain:

8. When you're too wackfused (wacky + confused) to let go of your bad, hunger-induced ideas:

9. When your brain short-circuits due to lack of snacks and you get all byper (bored + hyper) as a result:

10. When you feel super lerumpy (lethargic + grumpy) and you know it's time for an afternoon pick-me-up:

11. And when you just need somebody — anybody! — to put a snack in your angreepy (angry + sleepy) mouth:

Hunger keeps inventing new problems, solve them with the crispy satisfaction of SNICKERS® Crisper.