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Snickers’ New Super Bowl Commercial Asks “What If We Just Fed The World A Snickers?”

Uh...what just happened? Did Snickers just fix the world??

The world is out of sorts. We have grown men on scooters...

Babies named after produce...

And robots in homes that are definitely not spying on us...

Well, with their new, outrageously weird commercial, Snickers have a plan to fix the planet.

In the commercial, they feel the only natural thing to do is...dig a giant hole in the ground and feed a giant Snickers to the world!

Hilariously, Snickers appears to have even written a song for people to sing together as the giant Snickers gets lowered into the hole.

Also in the commercial...two selfie-crazed influencers fall into the hole!

Which, as exalted character actor Luis Guzmán (who is there apparently?) prophesizes, means that the Snickers Hole is working!

All images provided by Snickers

Well #SnickersFixedTheWorld, and now that it's satisfied, the world's a better place!