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Toxic Masculinity Got You Down? 11 Things Men Can Do

We've all heard lame excuses normalizing sexual assault and rape culture as just "locker room talk." Yet men are part of the solution towards ending violence & promoting equality and healthy masculinity.

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Voices of Men, a cutting-edge Wisconsin org with a mission to "end sexual assault and domestic violence by dismantling Man Box culture and building a culture of Healthy Manhood" just released 11 Things Men Can Do poster series that's FREE to download. The context? A visual campaign released in advance of annual live-streamed Voices of Men breakfast, Nov. 2, 2016, launching a still-needed conversation, followed by a two-day national Masculinity Summit, Nov 2-3, 2016 through St. Norbert College's Cassandra Voss Center.

The free & public Summit features national experts on masculinity and identity, including consent expert & scholar Harry Brod, White Ribbon Campaign co-founder Michael Kaufman, and TED talk speaker & writer Michael Kimmel. How can men work in solidarity with women to dismantle toxic masculinity? Here are 11 everyday antidotes:

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