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25 Signs You Went To The University Of Lethbridge

Where good hair days don't exist, the sun shines year round, and the people are amazing. Viva Leth Vegas.

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2. There's a 99% Chance You Went To Studio Every Thursday In First Year.


Cheap shots and $3 Coors were probably the reason you always went. But let's face it. You probably pregamed so hard you didn't even end up buying any alcohol there because money is not to be wasted!


5. Unless Your Country Loving Friend Convinced You To Go To Boss.


And if they did, you better get ready for mobs of white girls that have never stepped foot on a ranch to wear cowboy boots, light wash denim, and plaid shirts and guys that just threw on the only plaid shirt they own. Bonus points for cowboy hats.

7. You've Probably Had At Least One Strange Night At Top Hat, And Always Regretted It The Next Morning.


And hey, if you and your buddies decided to throw loonies at the Lethbridge ripper's vagina, you might've even been lucky enough to walk away with a low quality poster of her to hang up in your dorm to remember the good memories that you have to hide it whenever your mom comes to visit!

Viva Leth Vegas!

10. If You Tell Anyone Outside Of Southern Alberta "The University Of Lethbridge Is Situated In The Coulees" They'll Look At You With Intrigue And Confusion Like This Strange Stock Photo Man And Ask You What Coulees Are.


To which you have rehearsed, "Oh (insert friend or family member's name here), it's okay, lots of people are confused when I mention the coulees! Basically, they resemble dry, rolling hills that were formed from..."

11. Having Someone In Your Class That Was Born And Raised In Lethbridge Is Like A Warm Through The Middle, Lightly Charred On The Outside, Browned Around The Sides And Bright Red In The Middle Steak.

25. But No Matter What, You Wouldn't Trade Being A Pronghorn For Anything In The World.

Maybe it's the small town vibes, good people, great profs, or unique location, but the University of Lethbridge is an experience unlike any other.

Written by Brianna Rogers

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