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10 Reasons We're So Much Better Than Dinosaurs

It's obvious, humans are built better than dinosaurs, just saying.

1. First things first: We look better in hats.

As demonstrated by this triceratops.

2. They don't even have ears, just HOLES on the sides of their faces.

How are you going to put earbuds in those?

3. They go on shopping sprees and then expect someone to carry their bags.


4. And their selfie game is always weak.

No matter what, those tiny arms will never get a full shot of that huge head.

5. Our physical form is far superior.

This is a spinosaurus — they wear their spines on the OUTSIDE of their bodies, which is just a terrible idea.

6. They can’t wear shoes, so their feet are gross.

Eww, you need a pedicure, bro.

7. Their noses are too big to wear glasses correctly.

Which means they make terrible hipsters.

8. Dinosaurs look awful in turtlenecks.

Brachiosaurus, this look is not for you.

9. They can't fit anywhere.

You're just too big. Give it up!

10. Their name verifies why they are inferior to us.

Facts don't lie. They are terrible.

All images via Shutterstock and Thinkstock

And, to top it all off, their brains are the size of a walnut.

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