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​10 Reasons To Give Thanks For Being Single This Thanksgiving

Who needs a boo anyway?

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1. You don't have to try to impress anyone else's family.

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So you can avoid the awkwardness and sweaty palms and panic.

2. And when you're single, you'll have more time to spend with your friends during the weekend.

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Because a three-day weekend is a good weekend!

3. If you're single, you won't have to hide from questions about your boo.

(Although you might still get asked why you're single...)

4. So you finally have free time to catch up with your favourite siblings and cousins.

5. Or maybe you want to zone out in front of the television alone for hours.

Whether you're watching the game or a '90s movie marathon, you do you!

6. You can eat as much dessert (and whipped cream!) as you want without anyone to judge you.

And it's really the only day of the year you can do that, so don't let anyone stop you!

7. You have no one to share all the leftovers with.

And aren't leftovers the whole point?

8. No one will care if you have food in your teeth.


So dig in to that spinach.

9. If you want to spend the afternoon napping in peace and quiet, you can.

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Obviously napping should be on your agenda on a day off.

10. And you won't care about looking your best, so you can wear your ~comfiest~ clothes.

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And you'll definitely want to wear sweatpants after all that food!

Finally, you can still have fun at parties without a mate! Probably.

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