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What can the £11.50 you save on Wave 2 Welcome Fortnights buy you?

Our Wave 2 Welcome Fortnight Wristbands save you £11.50 when compared with what you'd pay on the door. Here's a quick guide to how you can spend it...

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See the sights! / Via

The £11.50 you save can get you 7 trips on London buses. This includes the N22 which runs from Central London all night, and which could get you back from one of our nights in Piccadilly Institute... *hint hint*

A classic sweet treat / Via

Welcome Fortnight can be tiring - make sure you keep your blood sugars up by buying 1,150 penny sweets or 46 Freddos at the ludicrous price of 25p - we know, we know. (NB - NOT REAL DIETARY ADVICE, SMSU DOES NOT RECOMMEND EATING 46 FREDDOS)

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