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Tell Us What Motivates You On Your Wellness Journey

At Smoothie King, every smoothie is a delicious motivator that plays a part in reaching your health and wellness goals!

Let's be real: Starting your wellness journey isn't always easy.

Finding the time, keeping up with your goals...

...and smelly gym laundry.

Still, everyone has that special something that motivates them to go the extra mile.

It might be that perfectly curated playlist pumping you up during a cardio sesh.

Or trying out different types of fitness classes if you're more of a group workout person.

Maybe, it's that unbreakable commitment to your running buddy.

And finding that sense of accomplishment when you track your success and progress in a super-cute bullet journal.

It could even be those quiet moments of inner peace and zen as you delve into the world of mindfulness.

Maybe you enjoy trying your hand at the culinary arts and customizing healthy new recipes for yourself.

Or carving out those little moments for self-care that add up to a more positive outlook on life.

It could even be something as simple as knowing that your overall health and wellness is on the up and up...and actually feeling it too!

Whatever it is, it’s time to share your motivators! Tell us about what helps motivate you on your wellness journey; we want to hear 'em all! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post sponsored by Smoothie King, blending to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

(Just a heads-up — anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)