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    17 Things To Get Rid Of NOW To Help Declutter Your Life

    It’s easy to accumulate a lot of junk and things you don’t really need anymore. Clutter starts slowly and then snowballs until before you know it, there’s an avalanche of stuff ready to bury you and your sanity alive. Avoid feeling suffocated by your own things by starting with this list of items you can easily get rid of right now. Keep in mind that many of these items can be recycled, sold, or donated to avoid sending them straight to a landfill.

    1. Books and Magazines

    2. Mail

    3. Expired Products

    4. Excessive Cups or Mugs

    5. Clothes

    6. Shoes

    7. CDs... if you even still have them

    8. DVDs you don't watch and Video Games you don't play

    9. Business cards from people you don't need for anything

    10. Toys for pets which they don't even play with

    11. 10. Your old prom outfit

    12. Rusty or broken jewelry

    13. Old wedding invitations or baby announcements

    14. Old pillows, blankets, or linens

    15. Writing utensils that no longer work

    16. Receipts you don't need

    17. Outdated or broken electronic devices/accessories