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    16 Times Driving For A Food Delivery Service Made Me Laugh, Roll My Eyes, Or Get Really Concerned

    Some of these happened in a single day.

    Many of us have ordered food through a delivery service whether it be for lack of time, convenience, safety, or just plain laziness. While switching career paths, I began delivering to make some money in the meantime. The following is a list of actual experiences I have had as a delivery driver that I will not forget.

    1. The large fish filet order that I delivered to a wedding

    2. The vague address order

    woman with eyebrows raised and scrunched as if confused

    3. Big Gulps for days

    two large cups with 7-11 logos next to leslie knope from parks and rec

    4. ALL the pizza toppings

    pizza with a lot of toppings

    5. Home of the BBQ Sauce

    6. The Ghost Guy

    7. "Eggstra" Egg rolls

    egg rolls

    8. Deliver to where I'm NOT

    john travolta shrugs slightly and looks around

    9. Funny Door Mats

    10. Silly Signs

    "no soliciting" sign

    11. Guard cats

    cat laying on couch

    12. Lizard on the loose

    pet lizard

    13. The polite pitbull

    pitbull puppy in grass

    14. Close Call

    parking ticket

    15. Gate Code Goddess

    locked gate

    16. Finally, the food fumble

    kevin from the office drops chili