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    Just 8 Of The Coolest Socks You Can Buy On Amazon

    Put a sock in it (your shopping list, that is

    1. This pair of socks that'll do all the talking when you need a refill – ₹279.

    2. Or this pair, if beer is more your thing – ₹279.

    3. This power pack of three invisible Powerpuff Girls socks so you're ready to take on the world – ₹309.

    4. This pair of retro socks for when you're in a throwback mood – ₹275.

    5. This pack of three Justice League ankle socks for the superhero inside you – ₹299.

    6. This pack of five trippy 3D socks for both men and women – ₹510.

    7. This super cute combo of four liner socks for the floof lover in you – ₹255.

    8. And this pair of socks with a reference that any Potterhead will get instantly – ₹518.

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